Jun 26, 2012

Septic Tanks can now Be Registered

The system for registering septic tanks and other domestic waste treatment systems in Ireland is now up and running.
For the first 3 months (until 26th September 2012) the registration fee is jst  €5  – after that the  fee rises to  €50 .
The deadline for registration and payment  is  1st February 2013
All  Domestic wastewater treatment systems have to be registered - so that includes septic tanks, waste water tanks, soakaways , reed beds , and all proprietary treatment systems such as Envirocare , Bord na Mona , Klargester , BioCycle,  BioDisc , EPS , Bison -etc.   Whatever system you have in place it needs to be registered. Just because it isn't an old fashioned septic tank - don't think the rules don't apply.
Basically – if your house is not connected to the mains sewerage system you will need to register.

You can register online at Protectourwater.ie and pay by credit card or debit card.

You can also registerat your  Local Authority Office  where you can pay by cash , credit or debit card , cheque, postal order or  bank draft .

Registration forms should also be available from  Libraries; Citizen Information Centres or by calling  1890 800 800.

Registration forms need to be returned to this address : Protect Our Water, P.O Box 12204, Dublin 7.

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