Jun 14, 2012

Cost of Living Figures for Ireland

Average figures for the cost of living are useful for trying to see if you could afford to live somewhere on a fixed income.  It would be no good moving to another country on a set income if the cost of essentials such as food , heating , clothes etc were too high.

The Irish Central Statistics Office do an annual survey of household expenditure in Ireland - and the figures from that can be used to give a good idea of the average cost of living in Ireland. Of course your family may not be the "average family" - but some figures are better than nothing at all. All the figures shown below are from Ireland in 2009 - 2010. Inflation since then has been in the region of 2% a year - so the figures will not have changed significantly in 2012 .

The figures below are average weekly amounts per household ..

Food :    €131.28
Alcohol  € 26.40
Household Non Durables (Cleaning products , toilet paper , cosmetics etc)  €16.49
Heating/ Lighting  :  €35.35
Transport   €68.40 (This includes petrol , car tax, insurance, bus and rail fares and taxi fares.)
Clothing €40.11
Telephone  €24.98 (Mobile and Landline)
TV € 9.77
Medical Costs € 53.00  (Includes health insurance , medicines, doctors dentists, opticians and hospital fees.) 
Home Insurance  €8.20 (owners)
Refuse Collection  €3.69

Note:  Medical costs will be lower for lower income households - because if they qualify for a medical card they will pay no doctors fees and only 50c for a prescription. They will not need insurance either)

There are some figures here on the cost of living in Ireland - how much does it cost to maintain a miminum standard of living in Ireland


Kaitlyn Dombrowski said...

What qualifies as an average household?

Kaitlyn Dombrowski said...

What qualifies as a household?

jb said...

Kaitlyn - the survey was done in such a way that the household composition of the surveyed sample corresponded to the household composition of the country. All types of households were included - single, couples, couples with children.