Mar 24, 2013

Unfinished Estates and the Property Tax

About 1320 unfinished estates containing about 40,000 houses were exempt from the €100 Household Charge in 2012.

The list of  Unfinished Estates that will be exempt from the Property Tax for 2013 until 2016 has been released. There are significantly less properties on the Property Tax list than there were for the Household Charge.  The Dept. of the Environment estimate that there are 5000 exempt properties in 421 estates or developments on the 2013 list .
Read all about the Property Tax in Ireland here .

As well as there being less unfinished estates – this time they have selected specific areas within some estates that they class as being in an unfinished area. So – you could have a road or estate where one end is liable for the property tax while houses at the other end are exempt.

You can see if you live on an exempt estate or development here.

Cavan Unfinished Estates
Clare Unfinished Estates
Cork Unfinished Estates
Donegal Unfinished Estates
Dublin Unfinished Estates
Galway Unfinished Estates
Kerry Unfinished Estates
Kildare Unfinished Estates
Kilkenny Unfinished Estates
Laois Unfinished Estates
Leitrim Unfinished Estates
Limerick Unfinished Estates
Longford Unfinished Estates
Louth Unfinished Estates
Mayo Unfinished Estates
Offaly Unfinished Estates
Roscommon Unfinished Estates
Sligo Unfinished Estates

Mar 8, 2013

Top Reasons for Moving to Ireland

A 2013 survey of about  140 IT professionals who have moved to Ireland from abroad  found that the thing they most liked about Ireland was the Irish people.  36% of respondents  said that the people was the thing they liked most about Ireland . Job opportunities were also important - with 12.7% saying it was the best thing about Ireland

The top  reason for moving to Ireland  (36%)  was the availability of greater job opportunities.
The second most popular reason was family or relationship ties (23%),
Third was learning English or educational factors (21%)

54.9%  of respondents either agreed or slightly agreed that Ireland is a great location for job opportunities.

Working in Ireland seems to enable a good work-life balance, with 82.68pc of respondents either strongly or slightly agreeing with this idea.

55.77pc of respondents strongly agreed that the pace of life in Ireland compared to other countries they had been in is more relaxed.

Mar 2, 2013

Sky Broadband Ireland Prices

Sky - better known for it's satellite television - began offering telephone and broadband in Ireland in the Spring of 2013.  Sky don't provide broadband via their satellite dishes - it is provided down the same phone lines that Eircom use.
There is no need to get a dish installed  if you don't want Sky TV - all you need is an Eircom compatible phone line.
You don't need to sign up for Sky TV to get their phone or broadband. The prices are competitive - and they are one of the cheapest for unlimited downloads. You can get broadband with no limits on data and free off peak calls to landlines for €45 a month.  A similar deal from Eircom currently costs €60 a month

sky broadband ireland


Sky Broadband Prices in Ireland

Sky Broadband Unlimited – €55 per month with sky talk freetime (Free offpeak calls) (€45 for the first 12 months)

Sky Broadband Unlimited – €62.50 per month with sky talk anytime (free anytime calls) (€52.50 for the first 12 months)

 You can sign up to Sky Ireland Online here

Sky Talk Anytime includes free calls to landlines in Ireland 24 hours a day 7 days a week - and also includes free calls to landlines in 20 other countries . Great if you have family living abroad.
The countries included in the deal are :   Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA (also includes free calls to mobiles in Canada and USA)
 If you want to sign up for a triple bundle of TV , Phone and Broadband - Sky Ireland are doing some good deals with discounts for up to 12 months. See some of the Sky deals at