May 30, 2011

Cheapest Place to Live in Ireland

Where in Ireland is the cheapest place to buy a house ?

According to the most recent DAFT report - which looked at average asking prices in the first 3 months of 2011 - Leitrim has the lowest priced houses in Ireland.  Roscommon is not far behind.
The average asking price of a 4 bedroomed house in County Leitrim was €179000. In Co Roscommon it was €181000. The average price of a five bedroomed house in Roscommon was €225000.

2012 House Prices in Ireland Here

Here is a full list of the average 2011 asking prices of a 4 bedroomed house in the various counties of Ireland - showing the lowest priced area first.

asking price of 4 Bedroomed Houses in Ireland
or Area
Av Price
Leitrim 179000
Roscommon 181000
Longford 195000
Donegal 195000
Laois 205000
Mayo 208000
Cavan 208000
Co.Galway 212000
Sligo 213000
Westmeath 216000
Carlow 223000
Wexford 225000
Monaghan 226000
Kilkenny 231000
Offaly 231000
Tipperary 232000
Limerick City 236000
Kerry 243000
Waterford City 243000
Co.Limerick 254000
Galway City 255000
Co Cork 259000
Louth 262000
Meath 270000
Co.Waterford 296000
Cork City 301000
Dublin West County 302000
Kildare 308000
Wicklow 360000
Dublin North County 406000
DublinNorth City 416000
Dublin South City 471000
Dublin South County 552000


Anonymous said...

If we all had money for buying our first house now all of us were living beyond our means during boom years

Leigh Ghiradelli said...

I want to move there from boston. Any suggest soon about getting my car there also