May 9, 2012

Cost of Childcare in Ireland

A survey of childcare providers all over Ireland in 2011  found that the price of childcare can vary quite a lot.

The average cost of childcare for 3 full days a week for a 6 month old was €126 per week
Prices varied from a high of €190 a week  in Dublin 6  to a low of €85  in the Waterford area.

Even within the same area there was big variations in pricing - Dublin 6  showed a difference of €70 a week between the lowest and highest price.

Comparing the cost of childcare for 5 days a week for a 28 month old child:

The overall average price across the country for full time 5 days a week childcare   was €181 per week.
The highest price was  €248 in Dublin  city centre . The lowest price for full time childcare was €130 in Dundalk

Discounts may be offered for  childcare for two siblings attending the same childcare facility .  The discounts offered varied from a nominal fixed sum discount to a percentage discount. The survey found that on average a discount of 7% was offered. With a discount of up to 12% on the combined fee for both children was offered in ons case - so it's worth asking .

Of course price is only one of the relevant factors considered by parents  when choosing a childcare facility. Other considerations may include issues such as location, staff qualifications, the curriculum followed, play amenities, opening hours etc.

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