Nov 29, 2011

Dublin 26th in Quality of Living Survey

Another Quality of Living survey from Mercer - has Dublin in 26th position  for 2011

Top 3 places place went to Vienna , Zurich and Auckland.

The top UK city was London - in 44th place.

Dublin came out better than cities such as New York , Paris , Rome and Barcelona

The survey bases the rankings on things such as

Mercer evaluates local living conditions in all the 420 cities it surveys worldwide. Living conditions are analysed according to 39 factors, grouped in 10 categories:

1) Political and social environment (political stability, crime, law enforcement, etc)
2) Economic environment (currency exchange regulations, banking services, etc)
3) Socio-cultural environment (censorship, limitations on personal freedom, etc)
4) Health and sanitation (medical supplies and services, infectious diseases, sewage, waste disposal, air pollution, etc)
5) Schools and education (standard and availability of international schools, etc)
6) Public services and transportation (electricity, water, public transport, traffic congestion, etc)
7) Recreation (restaurants, theatres, cinemas, sports and leisure, etc)
8) Consumer goods (availability of food/daily consumption items, cars, etc)
9) Housing (housing, household appliances, furniture, maintenance services, etc)
10) Natural environment (climate, record of natural disasters)

Dublin One of the top 20 Safest Cities in the World

 A survey published this week - gives the major cities of the world a ranking based on SAFETY. They base it on internal stability, crime levels, law enforcement effectiveness and the country’s international relations.

Dublin came 16th in the World - way ahead of the nearest UK cities which were Aberdeen and Glasgow in 44th place.

The top 16 are listed below

1 Luxembourg Luxembourg
2 Bern Switzerland
2 Helsinki Finland
2 Zurich Switzerland
5 Vienna Austria
6 Geneva Switzerland
6 Stockholm Sweden
8 Singapore Singapore
9 Auckland New Zealand
9 Wellington New Zealand
11 Copenhagen Denmark
11 Düsseldorf Germany
11 Frankfurt Germany
11 Munich Germany
11 Nurnberg Germany
16 Dublin Ireland