Apr 19, 2010

Ferry Sailings between Ireland and the UK

With the problems with getting flights because of the volcanic ash from Iceland - many travellers are turning to the ferry companies to get to their destination.

Stena Line ferries sail between Holyhead and Dun Laoghaire with Stena Line
Dun Laoghaire is just outside Dublin - about 8 miles South of the city.
Holyhead is in North West Wales on the Isle of Anglesey.
Stena also sail from Holyhead to Dublin port
Stena also run a Ferry route From Fishguard to Rosslare
Fishguard is located in South Wales.
Rosslare is in County Wexford in the South East of Ireland

Stena also run ferries between Fleetwood and Larne.
Fleetwood is in Lancashire - and Stena sail from there to Larne in Northern Ireland

Stena also have Ferries between Stranraer to Belfast with Stena Line
This is a 1 and 3/4 hr sailing time
Stranraer ferry port is on the southern edge of Loch Ryan in the south west of Scotland.
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Irish Ferries
Sailings from Pembroke in South Wales to Rosslare in County Wexford.
Pembroke is situated close to the M4 making it the ideal port if you are travelling from London, or the South of England

Irish Ferries also sail from Holyhead to Dublin - you can choose the Swift or the slower cruise ferry.

You can get a Ferry between Liverpool and Dublin with P &O Irish Sea Ferries
Crossing time 8 hours. Book Here

P&O also run a Ferry service between Troon and Larne The Port of Troon is Located just north of Ayr on the West coast of Scotland .
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The Swansea to Cork Ferry recently started up again - http://www.fastnetline.com/

Apr 14, 2010

NCT Booking Delays

Now that people are worried about penalty points fo not having an NCT - there are long waits for tests. The fact that most cars are first registered in the early part of the year has also increased waiting times.

If people are stopped by gardaí for not having a valid NCT - they need to provide proff of having booked an NCT test - but he NCT can't provide that until they give you a definite date.
You end up on a "priority list" - but they won’t issue a letter saying you’ve made an attempt to get an NCT. You’re ringing, ringing, ringing to see if you can get an appointment – it’s like a lottery, basically. You may get an appointment at a test centre which is miles away from where you live - but you don't have to accept that.

Applus+ - the company who operate the NCT have said that gardaí can ring Applus (NCT) to confirm that motorists in this position are on a priority waiting list for a test.
You can't book a test more than 6 weeks in advance. Which seems stupid.
There is a clause in the customer charter of NCT - that offers a free test if you have to wait more than 4 weeks for an appointment. I am sure there will be many people claiming the free test over the coming months. (€50 )