Feb 26, 2009

On The One Road

Chris and Kelly have a great blog with loads of pictures. They moved to Ireland and look like they are enjoying living here.
See On The Road

Feb 17, 2009

Moving from Australia to Ireland

Another blogger - Trish - who is planning to move to Ireland with her husband PJ in 2009.
Read all abou it here http://lightsweetcrude.typepad.com/light_sweet_crude/
Best of Luck you two ----

Feb 16, 2009

Making the Move to Ireland

http://us2ireland.wordpress.com/ is a blog which I hope is updated. The blogger is moving to Ireland today (well getting a flight from Chicago) . They have no plans. no job, nowhere to live - it could make interesting reading if they can manage to keep us updated on progress.
Good Luck whoever you are!

Feb 3, 2009

Yank in Dublin

Another blog from someone who has moved to Ireland (maybe temporarily) This Yank in Dublin is studying for a Masters and writes about some of her experiences in Ireland