Feb 17, 2009

Moving from Australia to Ireland

Another blogger - Trish - who is planning to move to Ireland with her husband PJ in 2009.
Read all abou it here http://lightsweetcrude.typepad.com/light_sweet_crude/
Best of Luck you two ----


Trish said...

Thanks very much!

If there are any Australians in Ireland who would be able to answer a few questions for me I would be happy to send Vegemite or Tim Tams or anything else you might need in return. We are a family of four, two school-age kids, my husband works in IT and we are hoping to move to Ireland in mid-2009.

amanda said...

I live in Ireland and my boyfriend lives in Australia. I am heading to Australia in January and then he plans moving here. I am at present going through all the paperwork he will need. You need to apply to the Irish Embassy in Canberra. If you have any helpful tips you can also contact me.