Sep 1, 2009

Doing a PhD in Ireland

Another American who was planning on going to Ireland to do a PhD - but eventually decided to stay on in the US to do it there instead.

It was a hard decision - but as the writer says
"I don’t doubt my decision in even the slightest degree, but I have begun to scheme about getting back there next year, and wishing I could go tomorrow. Just for a week or two. Or three"

Maybe she will be back for good one day?
Good luck to her in whatever she decides to do.

Dreaming of Moving to Ireland

This girl in America is dreaming of moving to Ireland -

She says "My dream is to have a little cottage tucked away in the rolling hills of Galway. With nothing but cattle and sheep to keep me company. Sure, it seems like a lonely existance, but I rather enjoy working of the land, and who know when a cute farmer guy will make his way to my sheep, and stare deep into my eyes."

Maybe one day?