Jul 29, 2014

Quality of Life in Ireland

    The results of a recent survey  of all EU countries  found that most Irish people are happy with their quality of life.

    The survey results showed that 94% of Irish respondents were satisfied with the quality of life in their area (EU average 85%).

    Accommodation:  95% of Irish respondents were  satisfied with their house or flat (EU average 89%).
    Health :  92% of the Irish surveyed were satisfied with their state of health (EU average 82%).

    Irish respondents were also more positive about their personal job situation (60%) than the EU average (56%), and also more positive about the quality of life in Ireland (68%) than the EU average  (56%).

    43% of Irish respondents thought that  the economic situation in Ireland will be better twelve months from now compared to just 24% of people across the EU as a whole (when asked about the country they lived in)  ;

    The survey was called the Eurobarometer and was carried out in May / June 2014