Dec 22, 2006

Direct taxes in Ireland are lowest in Europe

According to a recent survey by Deloitte - Irish workers pay the lowest direct taxes on wages in Europe .
Based on a couple - with a single earner - the average gross pay in Ireland came out at 33275 euro a year. The income tax on this was 605 and the PRSI or social insurance pdeductions were 1732 - leaving a net pay of 30908 euro. This works out at a deduction of 7.1%
A similar couple in the UK would have av earnings of 34395 euro - but tax of 2964 euro and National insurance of 5546 - leaving a take home pay of 25885 euro . Total deductions of 25% .
These figures seem fairly high - and if they are correct it's a wonder more people aren't moving to Ireland. Then again - you do have to pay for some of the costs of healthcare and the costs of prescriptions in Ireland - as well as school books. But there is no council tax or water rates in Ireland - and Child Benefit is higher too.

Survey from Deloitte - Deloitte & Touche

Dec 12, 2006

Ireland 4th most popular for British emmigrating

Almost 200,000 Britons moved abroad last year, bringing the total to more than 5.5 million, according to the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) .

The top 10 favourite new homes, accounting for 75% of British residents abroad, are:
· Australia - 1.3 million·
Spain - 760,000·
USA - 680,000·
Canada - 600,000·
Ireland - 290,000·
New Zealand - 215,000
· South Africa - 212,000·
France -
Germany - 115,000·
Cyprus - 59,000