Dec 22, 2006

Direct taxes in Ireland are lowest in Europe

According to a recent survey by Deloitte - Irish workers pay the lowest direct taxes on wages in Europe .
Based on a couple - with a single earner - the average gross pay in Ireland came out at 33275 euro a year. The income tax on this was 605 and the PRSI or social insurance pdeductions were 1732 - leaving a net pay of 30908 euro. This works out at a deduction of 7.1%
A similar couple in the UK would have av earnings of 34395 euro - but tax of 2964 euro and National insurance of 5546 - leaving a take home pay of 25885 euro . Total deductions of 25% .
These figures seem fairly high - and if they are correct it's a wonder more people aren't moving to Ireland. Then again - you do have to pay for some of the costs of healthcare and the costs of prescriptions in Ireland - as well as school books. But there is no council tax or water rates in Ireland - and Child Benefit is higher too.

Survey from Deloitte - Deloitte & Touche

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