Apr 14, 2006

Road Accident Deaths in Ireland

Death on the roads is always in the news here in Ireland. Every wekend there is another batch of fatalities on the roads. The 2004 figures are shown below - and show that Ireland is pretty bad compared to the UK Netherlands and Sweden - but similar to Italy and France.
I am sure the number of provisional licence holders on the road that drive unaccompanied is part of the problem - as is alcohol and the speed of driving. On quiet rural roads at night drivers are tempted to drive fast - thinking they will meet no-one - but what they end up meeting is sometimes a tree!

Comaprison of Road deaths per 100,000 population

U.K. 5.6
Sweden 5.6
Netherlands 4.9
Ireland 9.3 France 9.2
Italy 9.7
N. Ireland 8.6

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Apr 11, 2006

Order from Ikea without going there

For those of you who can't live without Ikea - and they haven't started their Dublin store yet - you can order furniture from Edinburgh Ikea.

Until recently you had to actually visit the UK store in Glasgow to get stuff delivered to Ireland - or bring it over yourself from any of the other UK stores.
Recently Ikea have begun offering the facility to order by email or phone from the Edinburgh store and get it delivered to Ireland.
The full catalogue isn't online - so you would be advised to get the catalogue first before you order. Then you can "Stay seated and have everything delivered to your door."

Once you order they will give you a tailored quotation which will include delivery details.

e-mail: b2b.Edinburgh@memo.IKEA.com
phone: 00 44 131 440 6625
fax: 00 44 131 440 6717
(available mon - fri, 9am - 5.30pm)

This service is exclusive to IKEA Edinburgh only. "

Dublin better than London Paris and Rome

Dublin - The Irish capital came 24th in a survey of 215 cities across the world.
London was 39th, trailing behind Paris (33rd), but ahead of New York (46th).

Glasgow and Birmingham ranked joint 55th along with Losa Angeles and Tsukuba in Japan.

Zurich was the world`s top rated city ahead of second placed Geneva. Vancouver was third.

Baghdad was the city with the worst quality of life, taking the dubious title ahead of Brazzaville in the Congo and Bangui in the Central African Republic.

Cities in Europe, Canada and Australia dominated the top rankings in the survey by Mercer Human Resource Consulting, which aimed to establish the best and worst cities for expatriates.

London, Glasgow and Birmingham were the only three British cities included in the survey.

Each city was judged on factors including personal safety, the environment and access to health, education, transport and other public services.

Almost half the top 30 cities were in Western Europe.

London was in exactly the same spot as last year and Dublin dropped two places, mainly due to increased traffic congestion.