Apr 14, 2006

Road Accident Deaths in Ireland

Death on the roads is always in the news here in Ireland. Every wekend there is another batch of fatalities on the roads. The 2004 figures are shown below - and show that Ireland is pretty bad compared to the UK Netherlands and Sweden - but similar to Italy and France.
I am sure the number of provisional licence holders on the road that drive unaccompanied is part of the problem - as is alcohol and the speed of driving. On quiet rural roads at night drivers are tempted to drive fast - thinking they will meet no-one - but what they end up meeting is sometimes a tree!

Comaprison of Road deaths per 100,000 population

U.K. 5.6
Sweden 5.6
Netherlands 4.9
Ireland 9.3 France 9.2
Italy 9.7
N. Ireland 8.6

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