May 1, 2006

An immigrants story

This story of a couple from Moldova who moved to Ireland is from the The Mayo News Online - News>:
"It?s two years since Edward, Tatiana and daughter Alina moved into their Abbey Court home on the outskirts of Ballina. Shortly afterwards, in June of 2004, Stephen - their second child - was born. Later, in December of 2004, Edward and Tatiana celebrated the tenth anniversary of their marriage in Moldova. He is Catholic, she is Orthodox.
After Stephen?s birth they developed a hairstyling salon at the rear of their Killala Road home, where Tatiana now operates a successful indigenous business. Edward considers himself ?lucky? to have happened upon Culkin Commercial Repairs where he has worked as a mechanic since the autumn of 2002. He had been trudging the streets of Ballina in more hope than expectation when he took a chance and followed a small sign to what looked like a private garage. Yet again he deposited a CV but this time there was a call-back, from Kevin Culkin, and soon the wheels were turning. By the turn of the year he was part of the furniture at the Rehins business. Life, at last, was looking up.
?We are more settled definitely. We are more happy because we have the things we need for life. We know many more people, we have many good friends. We?re still hoping it will get better and better, but you have to work more and more for that as well,? Tatiana reflects on how her lifestyle has evolved since Edward?s brainwave to leave Moldovan capital Chisinau for England or Ireland left her reeling at the turn of the century.
?We know our kids are happy here, that?s the main thing. It?s much easier here to give them what they want than there. There [in Moldova] you have to save money so hard to buy something for them. When I go into a toy store here and I see how many toys are in there and I am able to buy any of them really. It?s not so tight for me to buy toys and I mean "

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