Apr 26, 2012

Septic Tank Registration

The latest charge for about 500,000 householders in Ireland is a registration fee for their septic tanks.
All on site waste water treatment systems and septic tanks have to be registered so they can be inspected if required.
The fee is a measly €5 - if you register in the first 3 months  . After that the charge for registration rises to €50.
Registration  started on  June 26th. You needed to register before Sept 28th  2012 to save €45 on the fee.

  All home owners with  on site waste water treatment systems or septic tanks need to register at protectourwater.ie  before 1st Feb 2013.

Non registration could lead to  homeowners being fined up to €5000 Euro.

More details about  Septic Tank Registration Here

Information about grants for septic tanks


Hitchhiker42 said...

The septic tank charge and the household charge are just a money grabbing attempt by Fine Gael. There is major opposition to both. I love how in Ireland, the government can simply add new taxes whenever they feel like it. Oh, you wear underwear? You must now pay the Underwear Tax. Oh you have a septic tank? You must now pay the Septic Tank Charge. Back in California, the government didn't get away with such shenanigans. Oh no. New taxes require a public vote. Without public approval, no new taxes. This is why the American colonists originally seceded from Great Britain; no taxation without representation. I guess that's why so many Irish immigrate to the US? It's simply cheaper to live in the US.

Emil said...

Leaving in US is also becoming dearer and the whole country is sinking in debts. But try to survive in Poland with tens of taxes, earning 400euro a month of which spending 150 for all different taxes and PRSI. What is the household charge? A 100euro per year, what is that, when you earn minimum 360 a week! Try to enjoy living in Ireland, a free country of bureaucracy, really!

maureen55 said...

I agree with Emil. I have a house in Co. Cork and a house in England.

In England I had to pay £125 to register my sewage treatment plant 10 years ago. I also pay over £1350 a year in Council Tax for a 2 bedroom cottage.

We are the lucky ones here in Ireland!