Apr 13, 2012

Online Shopping in Ireland

Ireland - being a small country - has tended to lag behind the UK and other countries when it comes to doing shopping online.  The potential customer base might not have seemed attractive to some of the online retailers - and the access to good internet was not as widespread as it is now.

In Ireland -  there are about 1.74 million people who are classed as rural dwellers  - these people would benefit most from internet and online shopping .
According to the Central Statistics Office, 43 per cent of Irish adults bought something online from a shopping site in 2011 - , up from 36 per cent in 2010. Ireland  is now in line with the EU average for online shopping but is still a long way behind the UK, where 71 per cent of adults shopped online last year.

Most of the major UK based retailers will now deliver to Ireland - but a few years ago that was not the case. Delivery charges are gradually coming down and the numbers of sites offering online shopping to Ireland is increasing

More information about Online Shopping Sites in  Ireland

This is a good site for finding online shops that deliver to Ireland   Online Shopping Ireland

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