Dec 18, 2012

Grants for Septic Tank Repair or Upgrade

We wrote earlier in the year about the need to register septic tanks and all other domestic waste water treatment systems in Ireland. The website allows online registration of septic tanks - and the fee is €50 . Registration must be carried out by Feb 1st 2013 The latest news is that if a septic tank or other treatment system FAILS the inspection - then the owners can apply for a grant to help with the cost of repairs or upgrade. The grants are means tested - and will not be available to anyone with household income over €75000 a year. Households with income under €50000 will be eligible for 80% of the costs - with a maximum grant of €4000. People with income between €50000 and €75000 will be able to claim 50% of the cost - with a max payout of €2500. Only Registered systems will be eligible for the grant IF they fail an inspection. Inspections will be targeted to areas of high water pollution or areas of high risk. Unregisterd tanks can also be inspected. There is a possible maximum fine of €5000 for non registration of septic tanks. If the government are hoping that people will look after their septic tanks and stop them polluting the water - then this grant scheme may well have the opposite effect. Why will anyone be worried about failing an inspection ? Why will anyone carry out repairs to septic tanks at their own expense when they can wait for an inspection and then get a grant if/when it fails?