May 30, 2012

More Companies Choose Ireland for Eu HQ

Four companies are to create 100 jobs in Cork and Dublin a
Games developer Red 5 Studios, human capital management consultancy and technology services firm Aasonn, Van Tibolli Beauty and research firm Qualvu are establishing their European headquarters in the State, bringing new jobs with them.
Red 5 Studios, which is to set up in Cork, will create 30 jobs, recruiting for community management, localisation, and player support teams.
“We needed a place in Europe that was accessible to all sorts of native speakers and all sorts of cultures,” said chief executive Mark Kern.
“Ireland has become this diverse Metropolitan area where people from France and Germany and all over Europe come together. That’s really great for us because we can’t be everywhere in Europe at once, but we can be in Ireland, and by being in Ireland we can tap into all the cultures and all the territories around very readily.”

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