May 2, 2011

Green Peaceful and Relaxed

Three words that describe living in the Irish countryside.  Green , Peaceful and Relaxed
After 2 months in the UK - I noticed how green and peaceful it is here in the West of Ireland. Open space, green fields , Quiet roads - maybe a few tractors now and then. The bleating of lambs and the cattle mooing can be heard above the gusts of wind which is strong today.
Another dry day - the farmers will need rain soon to get the crops growing.

The local farmer is out planting a new whitethorn hedge and I call over for a chat - about the weather , the economy and local news. Another neighbour drives by and stops to say hello  - then another farmer pulls up his tractor to chat for a while . The roads are not usually this busy round here. The work gets done  - but there's no big rush , no clock watching. If it isn't finished today - it can be done tomorrow.

Life goes on unrushed - as it has for many years. The green grass keeps growing (and the weeds too!) .

Life in Ireland

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