Mar 8, 2013

Top Reasons for Moving to Ireland

A 2013 survey of about  140 IT professionals who have moved to Ireland from abroad  found that the thing they most liked about Ireland was the Irish people.  36% of respondents  said that the people was the thing they liked most about Ireland . Job opportunities were also important - with 12.7% saying it was the best thing about Ireland

The top  reason for moving to Ireland  (36%)  was the availability of greater job opportunities.
The second most popular reason was family or relationship ties (23%),
Third was learning English or educational factors (21%)

54.9%  of respondents either agreed or slightly agreed that Ireland is a great location for job opportunities.

Working in Ireland seems to enable a good work-life balance, with 82.68pc of respondents either strongly or slightly agreeing with this idea.

55.77pc of respondents strongly agreed that the pace of life in Ireland compared to other countries they had been in is more relaxed.

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