Jun 22, 2012

Prices in Ireland Compared to the rest of EU

In the latest survey of  consumer  prices in the EU  Ireland came in as the seventh most expensive overall.
Consumer prices overall in Ireland were 117% of the EU average.The UK came out at 15th - with  overall prices  just 2% above the EU . Germany was 13th with 3% above the average.

The top 3 most expensive European countries were Switzerland (162%), Norway(151%) and Denmark (142%)

However, for clothing and consumer electronics, Irish prices are below the EU average. Clothing prices were 92% of the EU average and consumer electronics 92%.

For consumer electronics Ireland was 4th cheapest - only Poland , Lithuania and Bulgaria had lower prices.
For clothing - Ireland was the 9th cheapest - with only  Poland Spain Malta Hungary Macedonia Bulgaria Albania Turkey having lower prices for clothing.

Ireland was the second most expensive place in the EU for Alcohol and Tobacco with prices 164% of the EU average. Norway was top- where alcohol and tobacco prices were a massive 250% of the EU average.

If you are looking for somewhere with cheap alcohol and cheap hotels - then Macedonia and Albania fit the bill !

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