Jan 23, 2005

Some differences about Living In Ireland

After being in Ireland for almost a year now - I was thinking of the differences between living here and living in the UK. Now I used to live in a fairly big city in England and now I live in a small village in the West of Ireland. So - I realise that there are a lot of differences because of the size of the place - but that apart here are some of the things - good and bad - that are different here.
( In no particular order)
No free Plastic carrier bags in shops - there is a 15c government tax on them to reduce waste - and it works.
Smoke free shops, pubs, restaurants, taxis, offices - smoking in places of work is illegal here. It's great.
Kids are allowed in pubs with adults (till 9pm) - (maybe not a good thing - but at least they have put a time limit on when children have to leave. There used to be no rule about that.
Pubs are open longer (legally) - 12.30 at weekends.
Many rural pubs are probably open a lot later than that. Many people don't go out till after 11pm.
Petrol is cheaper than the UK - but you need more of it.
Most cafe's and pubs etc don't expect payment till after you eat - not before.
The sunsets look nicer.
The people are friendlier and will not think you are weird if you start a conversation.
The smell of turf fires burning. (Becoming less common though)
CD prices are usually dearer - but they seem to be coming down.
Books and Newspaper prices are dearer - mainly because of taxes.
Sunday shopping is not a pastime here - but it soon will be .
There are more pubs here - but mostly small ones.
Live Traditional Irish music is harder to find than I hoped.
There is no Council Tax or it's equivalent.
There are no domestic water rates in most of Ireland.
The water quality in some places is not too good.
Drivers are generally more patient here - but there is always the odd "nutter".
Speed limits are now in Km (since 20th Jan)
Distance signs between towns are in Km

More to follow..

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