Jan 27, 2005

Childcare costs in Ireland

Summary of  article from the Sunday Business Post about the cost of childminders and nannys in Ireland in 2005

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About 70 per cent of parents use childminders, au pairs or relatives to look after their children, according to Mary Lee-Stapleton, director of services with the National Children's Nurseries Association (NCNA).

The primary duties of a nanny or childminder include washing and dressing children, preparing and cooking children's meals, children's laundry and ironing and taking children to activities.

The cost of hiring a nanny depends on a number of things, including the experience and age of the nanny, and the age and number of children.

The average salary of a nanny ranges from €23,000 to €25,000, according to childcare agency, Executive Nannies. The initial length of a permanent post is one year and the normal working week is about 50 hours, according to the agency.

Temporary nannies may also be employed, at an average cost of between €10 and €13 an hour. According to Executive Nannies, parents who hire nannies without going through an agency will pay similar prices.

The minimum weekly rate for a childminder is €180 per child, payable on a 52-week basis, and the minimum hourly rate is €4.50, according to the National Childminding Association of Ireland (NCAI).

According to the Belgrave Agency, a live-in childminder earns between €350 and €400 weekly after tax. This is based on a 50-hour week. The hourly rate of pay for a part-time employee is €10.

Families who allow an au pair to be placed with them should be aware that au pairs have no formal childcare training.

“Au pairs are not employees,” said Anne Nolan, managing director of Dublin Childcare Recruitment Agency. “They don't work - they help and they have light household duties. An au pair should not replace a nanny.”

Au pairs generally work for between 25 and 30 hours a week and receive pocket money in return.

The amount of pocket money they receive is up to the family but the minimum for a 25-hour week is usually about €65.

According to the agency, Au Pairs 4 Ireland, pocket money for an au pair for a 25-hour week is between €70 and €80 a week.

However, an au pair who works 30 hours per week gets pocket money of between €80 and €90.

According to EU guidelines, an au pair should not be younger than 17or older than 30.The guidelines also state that au pairs should have at least one full free day per week.

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