Jan 13, 2005

11 year old boy - body found in Cork

Galway Advertiser | galwayadvertiser.ie | galwayadvertiser.com:

"Robert Holohan's death represents a new low for Ireland
On many occasions in the west in the past decade, Gardai have been alerted to the sighting of a mysterious white or red van the occupants of which allegedly tried to abduct a child. The pattern was always the same -- the child would be walking along a lonely roadway, the van would pull up, some inducement would be offered and the child would get suspicious and run away. All cases were investigated, and in almost all cases there was little evidence to suggest they actually happened outside the minds of their young victims.
Comforted by the lack of substance at these incidents, Ireland assumed that the countryside was safe for our children to run and play without the fear of being grabbed by strangers offering sweets. And so it has proved. Well, that was until last week when 11-year-old Cork boy Robert Holohan disappeared into thin air.
My editorial this week was to have been about how Ireland as a society should feel safe from the dangers of child abduction. However, as I put the finishing touches to it on Wednesday afternoon, the news broke that ' a little body,'probably that of young Robert was found in undergrowth off a boreen leading to Inch Strand in Co Cork.
By the time you read this, more information about how Robert came to die will have been revealed. Indeed, even at this stage, the body has not been identified, but the indications are that the 1,000 person search has come to an end. One hopes that the grief of his parents can be allayed by the absence of any criminal nature to his death.
However, the fact that Robert was found seven miles from home, far from where his bicycle was found, and hidden in undergrowth would suggest that there is a very sinister element to this incide"

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