Oct 24, 2012

UK Buyers looking for Bargain Houses in Ireland

British residents and Irish migrants moving back home are taking advantage of lower house prices in Ireland. The weakness of the euro against Sterling has made prices for Sterling buyers even better.

House prices  in Ireland seem to have hit the bottom in 2012  after falling  by 50 per cent or more from the market's peak in 2007. Prices have begun to rise - with 3 months of consecutive price rises according to the CSO .

By selling a terraced home in the UK  -  the proceeds would buy a detached bungalow in good condition with half an acre of land and views, typically for about €150,000 (£122,000).

The house price crash means that people who have thought about moving to Ireland for a long time  can now afford to move.

UK buyers can get the best deals in counties like Roscommon and Leitrim   where the majority of properties in this area are for sale below their build cost, such as four-bedroom bungalows of around 2,000 sqft in excellent condition and on an half acre of land, which are selling for around €150,000. At the peak of the market in 2007 these would have sold for approximately €300,000.

Many are buting a second home for holidays and  others are moving over lock stock and barrell.
For some peopla owning an Irish cottage is much more fun than having the slowly diminishing savings it has replaced.

The move to Ireland is popular with  people looking for a self-sufficient lifestyle and older couples retiring or wanting to be nearer children and grandchildren. You also get people who were born in Ireland, but have lived in the UK most of their life, returning home.

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2000 sqft costs 150,000 pounds... sounds very expensive.. isnt there any chance of discount.??

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