Oct 7, 2012

Dublin in top 10 Best Cities for Start Ups

 Fortune magazine in the US  has named Dublin as one of the seven best cities in the world for start-ups.
The top 6 was mad up of  Copenhagen, Oulu (in Finland)), Eindhoven (Netherlands), Stockholm, Zurich and Singapore.
Fortune said it looked for cities that share the San Francisco Bay Area's "potent combination of creativity and capitalism".It started with data from the Global Innovation Index andlooked for places that were "especially hospitable to companies seeking the mix of talent, curiosity, and risk taking that leads to game-changing new products and services".
Dublin is cheaper than London, boasts low corporate tax rates, and everybody speaks English, Fortune said.
Its "Silicon Docks" neighborhood houses tech giants Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Zynga. Last year Twitter announced that it was opening its third international office  in Dublin, making the city its European headquarters.
Fortune also noted that the annual Dublin Web Summit is one of the fastest-growing tech conferences in Europe.

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