Jul 13, 2012

Popular Irish Names for Boys

Jack was the most popular boys name for babies born in Ireland in 2011.
Jack has been the most popular boys name in Ireland since  2007

Of the 38,223 boys born in Ireland in 2011, 840 (2.2%)  of them were named Jack
James was the second most popular boys name.

The top five boys’ names in Ireland in 2011 were Jack, James, Sean, Daniel and Conor.  These  same names have been in  the top five since 2007.

New Boys Names - There were four new entries to the top 100 for Irish born boys:
Mason, Donnacha, Tommy and Zach

Ryan was the most popular name in  South Dublin, and counties Laois, Louth, Wicklow, Sligo, Cavan and Donegal.

Alex was the most popular boys name in Cork City and Jamie topped the rankings in County Monaghan.

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