Jul 30, 2012

Mobile Phone Charges in Ireland

Ireland is one of the biggest users of mobile phones in Europe. The average number of monthly call minutes per customer in Ireland is 247  - that is   35% above the EU average.
The average number  text messages sent is of around 250 a month . 

In Ireland Comreg say that 75% of all mobile voice minutes in Ireland  in 2011 were classified as mobile-to-mobile . About 11% of mobile voice minutes were to fixed line phones, while the remaining 13% were  international roaming or premium rate calls

How much will you have to pay if you are an average user?
Example :  If you use 250 call  minutes and send 250 text messages  a month  - the lowest price you will get  is just €150 a month at 48Months . For €20 a month they will give you UNLIMITED calls and texts to mobile phones in Ireland  and 20 minutes of calls to landlinesplus 3GB of data.

48Months are a new company using the O2 network  who are aiming at the 18 to 22 age group. They are online only and don't sell phones just give out free SIMs.

The next best option is from Tesco Mobile (billpay) - who for €20 a month will give you 300 minutes, 300 texts and 0.5Gb of data. But - if you go over those limits you will be hit with charges of 20c per minute and 10c per text message.

People who are on other billpay packages could be paying as much as €60 for the same amount of calls and texts (250 each). They have probably been stuck on the same package for years and don't realise thay could save as much as €600 a year by moving provider.

The average revenue generated from each customer by the mobile phone companies in Ireland was  €38.80 a month. This is 30% above the EU average.

The total annual revenue of the mobile phone companies in Ireland was about €1.6 Billion in 2011 - so maybe it's about time we tried to reduce the amount of money we hand over to them.

Note - although 48months seem to be saying their service is aimed at 18 to 22 year olds - there are no checks made on DOB

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Emil said...

Agree in 100%. But this is only a peak of the iceberg... of wasting money.