Sep 16, 2011

37% Increase in People Moving to Ireland

In the year ending April 2011 there was a 37% increase in the number of people moving to Ireland compared with 2010.  The 2011 figure for immigrants to Ireland was 42,300 - the figure in 2010 was 30,800.
This is the first time the number of people moving to Ireland has risen since 2007 - when a massive 109,500 people moved to Ireland.
The total figure of 42,300 people who moved to Ireland was mad up of 9600 from the UK , 7300 from the main EU countries, 6200 from the EU12 , 1000 from the USA and 16200 from other countries in the world.
The figures come from the Irish Central Statistics Office.

Of the 42300 people that came to Ireland - 48% were aged 25 to 44 and about 23% were aged 15 to 24..

There are still more jobs in the IT sector in Ireland than there are people qualified to do them. Employers such as Google , Amazon , Ebay etc are always looking for workers with IT and language skills .

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