Aug 10, 2011

UK Riots - More People Thinking of Moving to Ireland

We have noticed a big increase in people finding this website in the past few days.
Search terms used like "Living in Ireland" and "Moving to Ireland from UK" have increased.
Visitors from the UK have increased - maybe it's because of all the trouble in London, Birmingham and Manchester with looting and arson going on nightly.
Many people in England don't feel safe in big cities anymore - and possible see Ireland is a more peaceful country to live in.

Many people living in England will have Irish roots - and will probably see Ireland as the first choice if they were to leave England.
As we have pointed out before - house prices in Ireland have dropped and become much more affordable now. It is a buyers market with plenty of choice.
There is high unemployment - but there are plenty of vacancies in the IT sector waiting to be filled.

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