Feb 17, 2010

Another American Moving to Ireland

We may be in the middle of a downturn in the economy here in Ireland - but still people want to move here. Take a look at this blog by a woman called Clare from Los Angeles who is moving to Drogheda. She is a writer/journalist - and is moving to Ireland in early 2010 if her plans work out.
Read more on her blog http://anamericaninireland.com/

She says ....

I’m going to Ireland because I want to put myself in a new environment, somewhere fascinating and unfamiliar, a place that I’ll grow into. Mind you, I’m doing it legally (I have an incredible paper trail to prove it) but without the reassurance of a sponsorship or husband or anything of the sort. While I do have a wonderful group of Irish friends who I will be depending on quite heavily for the first few weeks, I am determined to carve out a new life for myself there, on my own.

Best of Luck to Clare with her plans.


Wondercel said...

I too am moving to Ireland. I am Australian. I am interested to hear about your thoughts on the challenges and also the triumphs of migrating to Eire.

Jo said...

I have just made the move. Let me know if this thread is still going and we can continue conversation