Nov 11, 2009

A Chance to Run a Farm in Ireland

This is a great chance of a new life in Ireland for anyone with a bit of farming experience. A chanve to take over the running of 55 acre farm. It is located in the Comeragh Knockmeal Mountains on the border of Waterford and Tipperary.
No upfront costs . Accommodation included- 4 bedroomed cottage. Initially for a period of 5 years. The owner just wants a percentage of the profit from the anaerobic digester. (No figures mentioned)

The successful applicant(s) will have the use of the farm for an agreed period of time (say 5yrs to start with), in return for giving the owner a percentage of the earnings of the business, and caring about the place. This would leave them a good income from the digester and plenty of opportunities to make money from the farm too as there are other enterprises on it that can earn an income too.
See A new Life in The Country

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