Oct 22, 2013

LPT - Property Tax for 2014

Property Tax for 2014 will soon be due for payment by hundreds of thousands of people in Ireland.

Yes - you're probably thinking I've got my dates mixed up - but it's true. The 2014 liability date for the LPT is Nov 1st 2013.
The tax is due by Jan 1st 2014 - but for the majority of people who paid by debit card or credit card  or cheque - the payment will need to be made in November 2013. That's a full years payment for 2014 before Christmas 2013 !. They moved the Budget - and retailers hoped that would help boost the Christmas shopping sales - but now the extra cost of the LPT will mean the Christmas retail spending could be way down this year.

What happens if I don't pay on time ?
. You will get a reminder sometime in the first few months of 2014. There are no penalties for late payment - just for non payment - and Revenue will give you chance to respond to reminders.
They have the option to dedcut the LPT from wages / pensions - so they might do that after a few months if you still haven't paid up.

You may as well set up a direct debit - it will then be spread over 2014 in smaller even payments which won't be such a shock to you bank balance just befor Christmas.

See the dates and more details about the Property Tax Due in 2014 Here

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