Apr 4, 2013

Household Budgets and Living Costs in Ireland 2013

People are always interested in the Cost of Living in Ireland - especially if they are planning on Moving to Ireland.
There has been some recent publicity in Ireland about some new Guidelines on  Reasonable Living Expenses that are due to be published by the Insolvency Service. These guidelines are aimed at people who are planning on looking for debt relief (getting debts written off)  . To be accepted for debt relief your income has to be below a a certain level AFTER reasonable living expenses.

The figures aren't published yet - but they will probably be similar to the figures poduced by the Vincentian Partnership - which did some work looking at income levels required in Ireland to maintain what they considered to be a minimum essential standard of living. They say that is a standard of living that is based on needs not wants, but it is more than survival.

The figures they use for the weekly spending  for a single adult living in an urban environment are given below - and will be useful for anyone trying to work out the cost of living in Ireland.
The figures do not include spending on accommodation (rent or mortgage). The transport figures assume the use of just public transport (no car) in this example.

Weekly Expenditure -  Single Person  - Total €251.28
( to maintain a minimum essential standard of living. )

Food 57.92
Clothing 10.95€
Personal Care 13.91€
Health 5.12€
Household Goods 6.09€
Household Services 3.46€
Communications 9.51€
Social Inclusion & Participation 38.66€
Education 5.47€
Transport 34.55€
Household Energy 27.95€
Personal Costs 6.42€
Insurance 21.26€
Savings & Contingencies 10.01€

Total 251.28€ 

The weekly budgets were updated  in March 2013  - a

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Anonymous said...

The only way anyone could feed themselves for a week for €57 would be to either steal half of one's needs or fish food out of skips. It's just plain stupid to quote such figures. Maybe there was an allowance made for eating grass clippings three days a week.


Liam said...

I think Johns comment is stupid as I feed myself well on 30 euro per week and some weeks, less!!! Sure I dont eat caviar or have a table of greek canap├ęs alongside my dinner but I ear healithily bt cooking from scratch with basic ingredients. Get real, John!

jb said...

Sara - well spotted . Those figures were incorrect for fuel and all the figures have now been updated. Thanks