Jul 12, 2011

Dublin Cost of Living Falls

In a March 2011 survey of major cities all over the world - Dublin  ranked as  58th  most expensive city. This is down from 42nd in 2010

Luanda in Angola came out top with Tokyo in  second position and N’Djamena in Chad in third place. Moscow 4th and  Geneva 5th.
London was ranked 18th most expensive city in the world and New York was more expensive than Dublin - and is ranked 32nd.

Karachi, in 214th place, is ranked as the world’s least expensive city.

Dublin ranks 13th most expensive city out of 40 surveyed in the EU  - down from 11th in 2010
All costs are converted to dollars - so position sare affected by exchange rate fluctuations between the dollar and the euro.

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