Jun 11, 2011

American Food Brands in Ireland

For the many Americans living in Ireland - one of the things that you might miss is some of those American foods and sweets ( candy). Now Amazon UK have started shipping groceries to Ireland with free delivery on orders over £25. They sell quite a few well known American brands such as  Koolaid, Kraft Macaroni Cheese , Libbys Pumpkin Pie Filling  , Willie Wonka , Ranch Dressing , Lucky Charms , Jack Daniels BBQ sauce and more...
Check out all the Groceries at Amazon Here.

NB - make sure the items are shown as "sold by Amazon" - otherwise it is unlikely to be delivered to Ireland.

Of course - Amazon sell thousands of other products too - books, cameras , ipods, dvds , computers - all priced in sterling and free delivery in Ireland available on orders over £25. See More at Amazon

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May Bo said...

Thanks for this blog. I miss my ranch dressing. I'm blogging about living in Ireland too! http://hubbard2010.wordpress.com/

We're only staying for a few more months (until July) but the GNIB is really slow at getting back to us. Do you have a blog post about the GNIB?

What about non Irish citizens having a baby in Ireland?

Now those would be two topics I would love to read about.