Apr 19, 2009

Bringing a car into Ireland

If you bring a car or any vehicle into Ireland from another country - abroad, you must show proof of ownership of the vehicle. You will need the vehicle registration document or evidence of car insurance. You must also have a Certificate of Permanent Export (or a vehicle registration document as we mention above).

You must register your car and pay Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) by the end of the next working day following its arrival into Ireland. You must bring it to a Revenue Vehicle Registration Office (VRO) not later than the next working day following its arrival in Ireland - . You pay the VRT charged after your vehicle has been inspected at the VRO.

Once the vehicle has been registered by the Revenue Commissioners and the VRT paid, you (or your motor dealer) will receive:

  • A receipt for the VRT paid showing the registration number assigned to your car
  • A Form RF 100 for use when you are applying for motor tax

You must display the registration number within 3 days. Failure to display the new registration number is an offence and you can be fined You can obtain vehicle registration plates from any motor dealer. .


If you are importing a new car from another EU country you have to pay VAT (Value Added Tax), usually when registering the car. A new car means a car that has been in service for 6 months or less, or has been driven for 6,000 kilometres or less. The VAT is payable even where you have paid VAT in the other country.

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