Nov 16, 2006

Ireland 4th in UN Development Report

Yet another report or survey that Ireland has done well in..... the UN development Report placed Ireland 4th in the world - behind Norway, Australia and
The report looks at things like income, education, life expectancy, health spending etc. Some of the data used is a few years old - but it appears that the same age of data has been used for all countries. Another part of the report though shows that Ireland has a high level of poverty (17th out of 18) - so the country appears to be unequal. There are still plenty of people who are on low income in Ireland. But when low income is defined by referring to the average income - and the average income is one of the highest in the world maybe the poverty is not as bad as the report makes out. The Irish government complained that the data used was old - but I didn't see them complaining about the 4th position in the other part of the report.
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