Mar 29, 2006

Plans - what plans?

To cope with the increasing population and the desire by many Irish people to own a house or two - there is lots' of haphazard development, with houses built just about everywhere and anywhere.
Estates are popping up on the edge of every village ffom Kerry to Donegal. Plannin permission has to be applied for but in this age of the brown envelope you often wonder how some of it is granted. Everything is for sale and you seem to get planning for most places eventually if you keep the pressure on for long enough and produce an assortment of excuses.

The new cash crop in Ireland for the ailing farming industry is road frontage, with sites in prime farmland for sale everywhere.

The construction industry in Ireland is huge and contributes greatly to the economy but this monster must be fed, and it is being fed the countryside at an alarming rate.

Many developments are so badly thought out and so unsympathetic to the environment and the landscape.

Ireland is mostly a beautiful country - but there needs to be a much more structured approach to town/village planning. A collection of housing estates in small villages is just not right. The local Councils just don't seem to care.
Will it get any better - I doubt it.

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