Jan 7, 2006

Murder Rates in Ireland

Recent figures published in the Sunday Tribune in Ireland show that overall - Ireland has had 15.3 "violent deaths" per million of population in 2005. Now these may not all be classed as "murder" - but it's the figures they have provided.
Connacht has the lowest rate of violent killings - at 6.46 per million population (Mayo Galway Roscommon Sligo Leitrim)
Leinster (which includes Dublin) has the highest - at 18.5 per million.

For comparison - average Murder rates for 2002 to 2004 in other countries are shown below. So - Ireland is one of the "safer" countries to live in. Some of the figures from USA and Lithuania are shocking!

Germany 10.9
spain 11.3
Italy 13.3
holland 14.7
England & Wales 17.5
France 17.5
australia 17.8
poland 21.4
Scotland 22.7
czech 25.2
Northern Ireland 28.5
latvia 50.7
usa 55.4
Belgium 71.1
lithuania 104.5
south africa 739

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